OK LADEEZ AND GENTZ. NEW ISSUE of safety pin is ready to go and please note, the above bad spelling is in honour of pollypikpocketz who are one of the great bands interviewed therein.

there's an amazing ten pages of chat with mark p(erry) one of true founding fathers of punk and a massive inspiration to me.

uk sub ALvin gibbs talks about his autobiography and 'solo' career aka the disobedient servants.

litterbug, cool jerks and Sour bitch round out the line-up.

As usual, unmissable 7" vinyl to go with it, surgery without research on one side, sour bitch on the flip... if you're not familiar with these czech women, believe me you're going to love it.

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Martin Lacey aka Martin X Russian here. If you're very old you may remember me from my first fanzine, NMX, which ran from 1979-1982, mostly covering the scene in Sheffield. In 1981 we bought our first press to print NMX, and after a stop-start few years we established an 'alternative' printing business producing fanzines, record sleeves, flyers and left wing propaganda, which is what we've been doing pretty much ever since. At one point I calculated we had produced somewhere upwards of two million fanzines of nearly two hundred different titles. And that was about twenty-five years ago so I've given up counting now. I kept busy writing until the mid 90s, but when I started Safety Pin in 2018 it was my first fanzine in over twenty years. I've never stopped loving print, or punk rock, so this was long overdue. 
I'm still looking for help - if I wasn't doing almost everything myself I might be able to publish a bit more frequently! - so if you fancy yourself as a writer, photographer, artist, whatever, get in touch. Issues 1 and 2 were big on band interviews - and good they are too - but we're hoping to diversify a little as we move forward. Toss us some ideas.
Crucially I need help from bands, labels, promoters. If you'd like to feature in the magazine, like to advertise, like to be on future vinyl or CD releases bug us at info@safetypinmag.com


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